Finders Keepers - The Chicago Scavenger Hunt Company


It's not exactly a family profession like morticians or produce wholesalers, so how did our team become scavengineers? Well...

One day, three veterans of the largest scavenger hunt in the world were sent to the occident to craft a secret leg of that year's edition of the Great Hunt. Participants were blindfolded and dropped off at the airport in Chicago with only a flight number and a duffel bag. A few hours later, they arrived in fabulous Las Vegas greeted by the veterans. For three days, the participants searched, scoured, and gambled their way towards victory. On the final day, satisfied that all was going well, our veterans treated themselves to a pilgrimage to arguably our nation's greatest wonder, the grandest canyon of them all, the Grand Canyon.

While en route, the veterans realized that the world had a great dearth of scavenger hunts, and they should do their part to rectify this. For hours, they drove through endless miles of desert, poring through one exciting idea after another for events and activities they could organize.

So engrossed were they in this activity, they took a wrong turn! A wrong turn on that Arizona road, but a right turn in life. They never found the Grand Canyon, but they found(ed) something grander—Finders Keepers: The Scavenger Hunt Company.

Meet the Finders Keepers Team

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Jonathan "Numbers" Williams  (Staff)

The latest indispensable addition to Finders Keepers. No scavenger hunt can be undertaken without his arcane arts of predictive modeling, Monte Carlo simulations, and time series analysis. Jonathan already has his M.S. in Statistics, but is still studying for his M.S. in Scavhuntology.

Courtney Prokopas  (Founder)

Courtney has been creating scavenger hunts since 2004. She has presided two years over the largest scavenger hunt in the world and planned over half a dozen scavenger hunt road trips. She wants you to know that at Finders Keepers, you're in the hands of professionals. Dangerously unstable professionals.

Sebastian Ellefson  (Founder)

Sebastian Ellefson, Esq. has seven years of running scavenger hunts under his belt. He also serves as Legal Counsel and wants to remind you that this biography is strictly informational, and in no way should be construed as legal advice or as creating an attorney-client relationship.

Steven Lucy  (Founder)

Steven is the resident travel expert, whether it be the bike routes of Chicago, rafting down the Mississippi, or riding the rails cross-country. He has been involved in scavenger hunts in Chicago and Las Vegas. Steven is living proof that a service-based business model and a wry contempt for the general public are not mutually exclusive.